La Lucca is the leading Spanish cleaning products wholesale suppliers in the UK, bringing a range of solutions to businesses of all sorts, including cleaning companies and the hospitality industry.

Based in Liverpool, we can ship our products nationally across the UK and to Ireland from our large warehouse facility, ensuring that you always have high-quality cleaning materials ready to hand, whatever your needs.

Wholesale Supplier for UK Businesses

Spanish cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular for both business and domestic consumers because of their quality and fragrant smell. All this comes at a great cost, especially if you buy your products wholesale.

People who holiday in Spain or own property there, often packing their bags for the return home with a few bottles of Asevi floor cleaner and other cleaning materials simply because they love them so much!

Businesses and house holds around the UK are now getting the message that these products are high quality and that includes many cleaning companies who want to keep their costs down but still provide amazing services to their clients.

Buying cleaning products wholesale means that you get a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduce waste by buying in bulk, which cuts down your impact on the planet.
  • It’s generally cheaper than buying one bottle of detergent or cleaning fluid at a time.
  • You can now shop online and get your wholesale delivery brought straight to your door, saving you time and money on transportation costs.
  • You generally get access to a greater variety of products online and don’t need to buy so often, maintaining control of your running costs at the same time.

Even if you are a small business or office that only buys a limited number of cleaning products, purchasing wholesale can make a significant difference to your operating budget. It also means you won’t run out of products at vital times.

Who is La Lucca?

La Lucca is a family-based business operating out of Liverpool with access to some of the best and most loved Spanish cleaning products today.

We stock all the well-known brands including Asevi, Las 3 Brujas / 3 Witches, Nenuco, Mayordomo, Disiclin, Brumol,  Kiriko AND many more! Whether it’s for general cleaning, laundry, or kitchen washing, we’ve got hundreds of different products that suit any need and are perfect for businesses of all types.

Our business customers who buy Spanish cleaning products wholesale include cleaning companies, offices, hotels, bars and restaurants as well as shops and stores.

We are now the biggest wholesaler of Spanish cleaning products in the UK today and can handle any size order from our business customers, shipping everything from mini pallets to large pallets through our efficient transportation system. Purchase online and you can expect to receive your delivery within 48 hours with an option to upgrade to 24 hour next day delivery (Small surcharge)

All you need to do is open a trade account and begin shopping on our site. Our friendly expert sales team are also on hand if you need advice on what products to buy or have specific queries. Our team have 10 years expert knowledge of all the products we import directly from the Manufactures. If you are unsure then please do not hesitate to call us.

Get Wholesale Spanish Cleaning Products Today

If you’re a business looking for great value when buying your Spanish cleaning products, browse our amazing catalogue today to find out what savings you can make.

If you are a shop owner looking to stock wholesale Spanish cleaning products such as: Asevi Pink floor cleaner, Asevi Cian floor cleaner, Nenuco, 3 witches, Las 3 brujas, Brumol floor cleaner, Kiriko, Mayordomo and more then please call 01515451425 for more info and to set up a a free Wholesale/trade account today.